Room 112 – 9:45 AM

The Friendship Class is one of the oldest Church School classes at Little River United Methodist Church. Tressie Kelley, an original member, is 103 years old and until very recently was in class each Sunday to read the day’s Scripture (without the aid of glasses). Bill Watson, also a charter member, continues to be very active in the class. International Bible Study for Adults is used as the cornerstone for the class discussion. OK Bellamy has taught the class since 1984 and his being a knowledgeable student of the Bible offers points for discussion. There is now a rotating teaching staff which includes OK Bellamy, Linda Gorry, Peggy Opitz, Chris Tucker and Frankie Dalton. These members take turns teaching and leading discussion. Class members join the mission of “OFFER THE HAND OF FRIENDSHIP TO HELP THOSE IN NEED.” Each member is eager to welcome guests and new members as we learn what God has in store for us.